Where to Get Resources for Your Designs

Checkout the top 5 platforms we use to get assets and resources for our funnel and web designs.
A great design is made up of great things.
Your design (whether it’s a funnel or website), consists of text, buttons, images, and icons.
Although there will be times when you create custom graphics for your project, using pre-made graphic assets you find online can be a great way to speed up the process and still provide quality results.
There are hundreds if not thousands of sites online you can find that will give you the resources you’re looking for, but today I want to show you the ones that I love to use for my projects.
Let’s get started.

#1 – Pexels

The first resource is Pexels. It’s a great royalty free stock photo website where you can grab high-quality photos to use on your next design, no credit required.
The reason I love Pexels is that all the photos are high quality and taken by professional photographers, and you’ll be hard-pressed finding even one ‘cringy’ stock photo on their platform.

#2 – Unsplash

Unsplash is very similar to Pexels in the sense that it also has extremely high quality photos that you can use for absolutely free without crediting the photographer.
(Although on their site they do state that the photographer would appreciate it!)
Another great site you can use to find world-class images to use as backgrounds, as well as images you can use to create graphics for your funnel and web designs.

#3 – PNGTree


Now, PNGtree at first glance doesn’t come off as
‘sophisticated’ as Unsplash or Pexels… there are a lot of ‘cringy’ graphics on their platform
But that doesn’t take away the fact that this platform will save you LOTS of time.
As the name suggests, PNGTree is a platform where you can find lots of transparent PNG’s
(In case you don’t know what a transparent PNG is, it’s an image or graphic with no background – allowing you to layer it and gives it a more realistic look)
You can find loads of things from illustrations to banners to badges to even dogs with no backgrounds.
Keep in mind though, this is a paid tool and not completely free like the first two we mentioned! It’s definitely worth checking out though.

#4 – Flaticon

Do you love to use icons in your projects?
I know I do.
Icons are a great way to support your textual content, with small easy to understand visual ‘cues’ that better get your message across.
They can help readability, while also drawing attention to a certain section on your page.
Flaticon is a great site that has seemingly UNLIMITED icons of many styles that you can use on your next project, and trust me when I say you can find any type of icon you want on there.
Simple? Complex? Fully Colored?
Flaticon has got your back.
This is another paid tool, but pays it’s worth back the first time you use it.

#4 – Adobe Stock


Now, let me preface by saying Adobe Stock is definitely one of the more expensive platforms out there.
But, with a high price comes extremely high value.
You’ll find UNLIMITED stock photos on Adobe for anything you can ever think of.
Any time I can’t figure out what to use for a certain section or graphic on a page, I ALWAYS search on adobe stock and see what they have.
They have literally hundreds if not thousands of images for any topic you can think of, including illustrations, photoshop templates, 3D graphics, and more.
This is what I go to when Pexels or Unsplash just aren’t cutting it for me.

#5 – Creative Market

Creative Market is a great platform that has thousands of photos, graphics, templates, themes, and more.
This is more of a marketplace style platform; unlike the other platforms where you pay monthly, you pay separately for each asset you want.
They have loads of high quality graphics and photos that real designers have created for the purpose of using in your projects.
When all else fails, go to Creative Market and see what they have for sale – you just might find something that can completely change the way your design turns out

And that’s it friends!

You no know 5 platforms you can use to get assets for your next design project.
When you’re feeling stuck on your design, or don’t have a graphic or photo to fit a certain section, check these platforms – I guarantee it’ll change the way you design.
Thank you for reading!


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