Planning & Wireframing Your Landing Pages

Learn the process we use at Bank Account Builders before building out any of our client's landing pages.
Before you even consider designing your funnel’s landing page, it’s extremely important to get your thoughts written out  clearly where the ideas stay consistent, on paper. 

Planning – What makes your offer convert?

A great way to make sure your landing page has the correct information it needs is to answer the following questions on a piece of paper:
  • What is my product/service? (1-2 sentences) 
  • What does my product/service do for the customer? (1-2 sentences) 
  • What are the main 3-4 benefits of my product / service? 
  • What sets my product/service apart from the competitors? (1-4 sentences) 
  • What well-known brands / associations is my company affiliated with that I can leverage? 
  • Do I have any statistics I can use to edify the claims my business makes? 
  • Do I have any social media posts from past customer’s I can leverage to put on page? 
  • Do I have reviews / testimonials I can put on the page?
After getting all that information written down, you now have all the informational assets you need to build the structure of your page.

A General Structure

Below, you can see my general structure for laying out your landing pages to convert: 
Now, you know a general structure for your landing page.
Now it’s time to sketch it out!

Sketching Out Your Funnel

I know what you’re probably thinking.
“Do we REALLY need to sketch out a funnel on paper? Can’t I just make it on the fly?”
Simple answer. YES! You do need to sketch it out.
Rest easy knowing I spend a maximum of 5-10 minutes sketching out my landing pages.
Checkout the sketch I made below: (Took about 3 minutes to do, and in turn sped up the process of creating the landing page exponentially)


The Process

I like to start with just a long rectangle on a piece of paper, so when I’m sketching out the page I’m not putting in too much detail at all, just getting a general shape of what’s going where.
 I also don’t write the copy in when sketching it out, but put little placeholder scribbles and just draw an arrow off the side showing WHAT that section should be about. You can worry about the copy later, getting the structure down is the very important step to be done prior.

You’re all set!

It’s time to get started building.
Now that you know how to get your initial structure and layout on paper, building out the funnel will become much easier since you know exactly what goes where.
Follow this process on every landing page you build out, and I promise you – it’ll speed up your workflow, as well as increase your quality tenfold!


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