Design Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Conversion Rate

Avoid these 3 costly mistakes that can make or break your conversion rate.
Your conversion rate is the single most important metric to be tracking on any website or funnel you build-out. 
You must avoid these 3 mistakes when designing out anything (whether its a website or landing page) to maintain as high of a conversion rate as possible.

Hard to See Call to Actions

Call to Actions are an extremely essential part of any web experience. They direct the user on taking action, whether it’s a contact us button or to the next step in a funnel.
It’s key that you make call-to-actions as visible as possible on your page to direct users to the desired action you want them to take by having clear call-to-action buttons.
Having vague and poorly designed call-to-action buttons will leave a gap in the user’s attention, and will have a bad impact on your conversion rate.
You can make sure your CTA’s are visible by keeping a few things in mind: size, color, and text
Size – Is your call to action button so incredibly small that users have a hard time clicking on it? If so, you need to make some changes. Make sure your call to action buttons are a good enough size where clicking on it is effortless – and on mobile, make sure they fill the width of the screen so users can easily tap it with their thumb.
Color – Do you try to make your CTA buttons blend in with the rest of the page’s design and them? STOP RIGHT THERE! The most important thing of all is to make your CTA buttons have extremely contrasting colors to the rest of the page so that they ‘pop out’ at the user. If your entire page is white and blue, make the buttons a contrasting color like red or orange.
Text – I’m hoping none of your buttons say simple words like ‘submit’ or ‘continue’. You always want to use specific language geared towards pushing the user to the next step in the funnel or on your website. Try to make it as ‘action-oriented’ as possible.

Excessive Clutter & ‘Dirty’ Page Design

You want all your pages on your website or funnel to be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. 
That means avoiding being an excessively cluttered page that tries to cram every bit of information they can above the fold.
Give the users space.
In 2019 (and moving on to 2020), users are extremely accustomed to scrolling through web experiences, so take advantage of that.
Use good white spacing and lay your information out in a manner that’s clean, easy to read, and visually engaging.
Your goal is to direct the user’s eyes in a way that leads them to take action to the next step of your funnel or website. 
That’s why we make CTA buttons extremely visually contrasting, so you ‘direct’ the user’s eyes towards them.
When there is too much of a mess on a page, the user’s attention gets pulled in every direction, making nothing on the page stand out at all. That can greatly hurt your conversion rate because in that case, you’re not directing their attention at all. 
Keep your design clean.
Only use necessary information and eliminate all unnecessary elements on the page that add friction to the point of sale.
KISS – keep it simple, stupid!

Ignoring Responsive Mobile Optimization

User experience is everything. The better experience you give a user, the more likely they’ll browse your site, and the more likely they’ll convert into a customer. 
As time goes on and on, more and more users are browsing the web on their smartphones.
That means you need to tailor your web pages to accommodate mobile and desktop users. 
NEVER, EVER, ignore mobile optimization for your websites or desktops.
That should be a given. 
Most of your traffic will come from mobile, and it’s crucial you give them a great experience – or your conversion rate WILL suffer. 
Make sure your layout changes when people change screen size.
Make sure your buttons are big enough on mobile to easily be tapped on a smartphone.
And lastly, make sure that your elements are resized properly when shown on mobile, so the information on your page is still easily digested.

Make sure to avoid these 3 mistakes, and your conversion rate won’t take a nasty hit!

Your conversion rate is important. It’s likely the most important metric you can track on a website or funnel.
Do all you can to make sure you avoid these 3 mistakes, and you’ll be 90% of the way there!


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